National coordinator of ALTA Surveys

Coordinator of ALTA Surveys across the US for use in commercial real estate transactions. We effectively handle single-site and multi-site transactions, and facilitate the coordination of surveyors, title, ordering, process, product and delivery.

What We Do

We are a coordinator and/or provider of American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys across the continental United States for use in commercial real estate transactions. We effectively handle single-site and multi-site transactions, and facilitate the coordination of surveyors, title, ordering, process, product and delivery.

The ALTA Survey is a detailed map of the land showing all existing improvements of the property, utilities, and significant observations within the insured estate. The survey details the surveyor’s findings concerning the property boundaries and how it relates to title. It also delineates or makes note of all easements and exceptions cited within the title commitment for insurance of the secured party. The survey may also show zoning and flood zone restrictions or areas indicating potential future use of the property. The ALTA survey is a combination of a boundary survey, title survey, and a location survey.

Title Insurers have specific needs related to title insurance matters, and when asked to provide an insurance policy without any exception relating to survey matters, a set of regulations was developed between members of ALTA and surveyors. These regulations govern the content of all ALTA surveys and are denoted in the “2005 minimum standard detail requirements for ALTA/ACSM land title surveys” as adopted by American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors. Continental Surveying will strictly abide to these detail requirements when providing service to clients.

Professional Personalized Service

It is our order of business to favor our clients with adept and experienced personnel, through our single point of contact. The company’s strength comes from its expert background in surveying and ALTA survey coordination through licensed professionals. Accomplished staff promotes good understanding with readily reliable answers for clients, and experience to resolve tough survey issues. Service is key to our client’s needs, and we will adapt our service to the client’s goals.

Survey Plat Inspections

Many commercial real estate transactions, which have a lender and a purchaser, are concerned about the existing conditions and the future use of the properties to which the purchaser is acquiring. The lender and purchaser require knowledge of any restriction, encumbrances, and benefits to which the property holds. The ALTA Survey provides a map of the existing improvements of the property and reports the concerns noted above. Our service will include inspection of the first draft of survey map to meet the standard and optional 2005 ALTA requirements of the project together with adherence to our format, and we will remit comments to surveyor for revision. We will also conduct inspection of revisions of survey map to meet Clients or other transaction parties as affirmed by Client, and remit comments to surveyor for revision as necessary. Our inspection process assures quality and conformity of survey with a significant reduction of confusion and questions later.


We will be happy to negotiate with the provider of the certification and our site surveyor the form of certification that is required for the site. There are a multitude of legal complexities with certifications for both the surveyor and transaction parties. We will work diligently and professionally to acquire satisfaction from all parties. Our experience provides us with opportunities and remedies to assure success with this sometimes-difficult task.

National Coverage Area

Through our network of surveyors we will provide ALTA Surveys across the continental United States.

Free Quote and Ease of Ordering

We provide free of cost proposals outlining the services and fees for each site. At no time are you obligated to contract us for the services. You can request a free quote via this website, Emailing us at or calling us at 440-853-6860

One Point of Contact

We provide clients with a single point of contact throughout the ALTA Survey coordination process. The one point of contact method provides a more reliable and easier way of communication. Our coordinators are responsible for all aspects of the projects including proposals, site contact arrangements, title coordination, deliveries, survey map inspections, client comments, communication, and closing questions. This acquired site knowledge provided by our structure will lead to a direct communications asset in all phases of the process for our clients. A single point of contact and direct communications develops long lasting relationships with client to assure a repeated customer satisfaction.

Standardized Survey Format

The survey map will be completed using Continental Surveying standardized survey format on a 34” x 22” border. The survey is formatted with headings for the important elements associated the 2005 ALTA Survey Standards. The headings provide logical information for ease of abstraction by the transaction parties. The format uses notes with identifiers so that transaction parties have easy cross-reference to the actual survey map and the notes. This provides clients with a manageable way of searching for specific items on the survey.

Coordination of Surveys

We manage the entire process of acquiring ALTA Surveys. Through our network, we will find a registered professional surveyor for any site location with competitive pricing. We provide coordination of title documents with the Title Company and surveyor. We will coordinate all questions and comments form all transaction parties with the site surveyor, and furnish reliable timely surveys all from one point of contact.

No Additional Cost Pricing

We furnish no additional cost pricing in our proposals to alleviate hassles and surprises at the completion of the project. As long as the scope of the project does not change there will not be any additional incurrence of cost. If a change in the scope of is needed, we will provide a separate or updated proposal for your approval. Simple, easy and straight forward pricing.