Partner’s Property Condition Assessments are performed within the scope and limitations of ASTM E2018 for Property Condition Assessment.

Partner’s staff includes registered engineers, registered architects, and commercial building inspectors.

When engaged for a¬†Property Condition Assessment, Partner will conduct an evaluation of the buildings’ component systems. Partner’s review of the subject property will consist of a visual assessment of the site, the structure(s), mechanical (HVAC, conveying systems, and plumbing), electrical systems, structural, exterior facades, roofs, interior finishes and overall site amenities. Partner will evaluate site improvements for the existing condition, status of completion, general code conformance, and life cycle costs, sufficiency for their intended use, and extent of defects. Technical evaluations are based on the appearance of the improvements at the time of this evaluation.

Partner will review on-site maintenance records, building drawings and proposal(s) for future capital improvements (as applicable). Partner will review building department records at the City and will conduct interviews of the on-site engineering and management staff. All of the information pertaining to the site should be provided to Partner by the Client, to make a thorough analysis and recommendation.

Our typical report is a 15 to 30 page report that will also include a table showing all the “Immediate Repairs,” such as, but limited to, life safety issues, failing building systems and deferred maintenance that require over $2,000.00 to repair or replace. Partner will prepare a “Replacement Capital Reserve” table that will include an estimate of all major capital outlays required over the next 12 years. The report will include a discussing of each building system’s condition and needed improvements.

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